My name really is Truly Remarkable Loon. I have been juggling for almost thirty-five years. My library show has evolved over that time from my love of books, reading, libraries and juggling.

In 'Read Books and Juggle Everything Else' I talk about what motivated me to become a reader when I was a child. Through my juggling I touch on many children's books that I read as a child and books that I read to my children as they were growing up. I juggle the conventional things like balls and clubs and also the unconventional like bean bag chairs and Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000. All of this is done as an amusing yet compelling story I tell as I juggle.

The finale of this show is my plate spinning routine. I spin ten or more plates with music from Offenbach's Can Can. The audience helps me by counting the plates, letting me know which ones are slowing down and counting backwards in the unlikely event that a plate falls. This is the loudest and wildest part of my show. At the end, when all the plates are back down, I tell the true story of how I learned to spin plates from a borrowed library book. I encourage children to utilize their libraries to learn about things that interest them.

Please note that 'Read Books and Juggle Everything Else' has NO actual danger in it. There is no fire and no sharp object juggling. In one part of the show I do let the children chose what will happen next and of course they always chose danger. My offer to juggle a chainsaw is rejected when they discover it is a Fisher-Price chainsaw. Instead I juggle a live (not) mongoose with the help of a brave volunteer from the audience.