Dear Librarian;

The video you are about to watch is my family fun show, 'Merry Anticipation of Disaster', NOT my library show. The video will show you my performance style - very funny and very family friendly. In this video you'll see some fire and some other 'dangerous' juggling.

Please know that my library show has NO fire or other dangerous juggling.

I have been known to do some of my more 'dangerous' juggling forms when a library wants that. I'm happy to do the fire juggling if your show is outdoors. If your show is in conjunction with an event like Halloween I can include some of my 'scary' juggling routines - even indoors.

I do not take any risks in my show. My 'dangerous' and my 'scary' routines are stunts that I have been performing for most of my 35 year juggling career. My 'dangerous' and 'scary' routines are presented in a funny, non-threatening way.

Please click on the link below to watch my video.

Thanks, Truly Remarkable Loon