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One of my favorite children's books meets one of my favorite science fiction books:
Good Night Dune

Where can I get juggling equipment?

Renegade Juggling

Higgins Brothers

Todd Smith Products

Where can I get juggling information?

Juggling Information Service

What is the International Jugglers Association?

International Jugglers Association

Where can I learn some more diabolo tricks?

Madison Circus Space
2100 Winnebago St, Madison, WI 53704
Open & free Juggling Sunday afternoons 2 -4 pm
Sponsored by the Madison Area Jugglers

When do the jugglers meet in Madison?
Thursdays and Sundays

When and where is the 47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival?
The weekend before Martin Luther King Holiday Madison, WI

Are there any other good acts?

Zeemo The Magnificent

Flying Aces Pro Frisbee Team

Art Desy


What does Loon watch on You Tube?
YouTube logo
Loon's You Tube Channel

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