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Truly Remarkable Loon was born on April 1, 1956. He was raised in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents, immigrants from eastern Europe, gave him a name no English speaking person could properly pronounce. Loon used several different monikers (i.e. Parsley) until 1974. That year, while canoeing in the Boundary Waters, he was given the name Loon by his boating partner for his inattention to thirteen consecutive days of rain. 'Truly Remarkable' was added by another friend in 1975 for Loon's blatant defiance for the laws of gravity.

Childhood was uneventful. As the middle child of five siblings, he did not speak until almost five years old. The silent years (or the Blessed Years as his family refers to them) were made up for later. 'Class Clown' or 'Motor Mouth' and repeated disciplinary actions for unruly, prankish behavior best describe his school years. Loon wishes to state once more for the record "I did not put a dead animal in the boys room, causing the evacuation of the entire A wing at Madison's Memorial High School in 1974." Though one credit short, Loon did graduate on time after announcing he would return to school the following year and make up the missing credit if necessary.

Following school, Loon roamed extensively across Northern and Central America, supporting himself with an assortment of humble jobs and traveled primarily by thumb. In 1976 Loon was inspired to learn how to juggle after being enraptured by a fire-torch juggler. The same juggler, who prefers to remain anonymous, taught Loon how to juggle three balls. Two years of intense, obsessive practice found Loon juggling balls, clubs, machetes, tomatoes, fire torches and anything else that wasn't tied down.

In 1978, Loon chanced upon a street juggling act and was amazed to see that people would actually give perfectly good money - just for juggling! Many years of street performing followed, from Key West to Hawaii and from Canada to the Yucatan. Most notably were the years when Loon served as the Fallen Arch Bishop of the First Church of Fun Juggling Company Show.

The street performing hat was hung up in 1986 when Loon discovered the wonderful concept of a paid entertainment contract. Now, Loon can be see on stage at Fairs and Festivals across America, juggling giant bean bag chairs, spinning plates, tossing the dreaded implements of death, and those ever flaming torches. Safety (and water squirting) is assured by two brave volunteer fire-fighters from the audience.

Purple is his favorite color and trademark, though attempts to copyright the color have been unsuccessful. In 1995, after an extended romance, Loon married his childhood sweetheart, Tracie Tudor. They have two daughters, Ansley and Ariel. Tracie and Loon live with their beloved cats Chewy and Skorgen, on Madison's east side.

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